Gurmat Vichar Kendar, Patiala is a society dedicated to Sikhism. The society was founded by S. Kanwarajit Singh. He worked as an engineer in public sector during his early years, he took voluntary retirement in 1994. He is a simple person and likes to be known as the servant of the almighty God.

Kanwarajit Singh
Kanwarajit Singh

History: S. Kanwarajit Singh took to writing in 1996, when he found some discrepancies in an article published in the Punjabi Tribune written by one Prof. Dosanjh from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. The article was “Punjab Da Ajoka Sankat Brahmanwadi Sikhan Di Den”. In response to this article S. Kanwarajit Singh started active research on Sikh history and authored several tracts to bring out the truth, which was greatly admired by the Sikh sangat. In year 2000, on the occasion of  300 Salla Khalsa Saajna Diwas, RSS, a right wing Hindu group distributed literature containing objectionable content, that deeply hurt Sikh sentiments. S. Kanwarajit Singh then authored “RSS Jhooth Da Pulanda” and “Rashtriya Sikh Sangat Jhooth Da Pulanda” and distributed 10,000 copies of each publication which was heartily welcomed by the Sikh organisations. With the blessings of Almighty God and lots of support from Sikh sangat S. Kanwarajit Singh has written many books and tracts. Books and tracts in PDF format are available in Books & Tracts sections of the website.

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Events organized by Gurmat Vichar Kendar, Patiala


Sikhs in Gatka

Gatka is a form of Sikh martial arts. The society organizes classes for the local students. Classes by S. Gurwinder Singh are held at local Gurudwara premises on monday, tuesday and wednesday. Besides this gatka classes by S. Hardeep Singh are held at Gurudwara Shri Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib, Bhadurgarh (Patiala) on friday, saturday and sunday every week.


Gurbani Recitation

Sri Guru Granth Sahib
Sri Guru Granth Sahib

Gurmat Vichar Kendar lead by S. Kanwarajit Singh Ji helps locals learn correct recitation of Gurbani. Sikhs recite Gurbani as their daily prayers in the form of Nitnem (daily regime) Correct pronunciation of Gurbani words and Shabads is vital in Sikhism. Classes are organized by Gurmat Vichar Kendar in the local area for the sole purpose of helping those who come for assistance in rectifying the mistakes in reciting Gurbani.